GrimBatol is focused on enabling fairplay and promoting a cheat-free environment, and will not tolerate any of the following:

  • Usage or promotion of any cheats and modifications to client files to benefit your in game characters.
  • The use or promotion of any third party programs to automate the control or actions of your character.
  • Abuse or promote abuse of any bug or exploit to obtain gold, experience, items, reputation, kill NPC’s, kill players etc.

Gold Transactions, RMTs, GDKP trades and Account Sharing

  • Selling and buying gold or other in-game currencies (including valuable items) for real money or donation tokens is strictly prohibited on GrimBatol, and all gold transactions are closely monitored. Any form of RMT will result in severe consequences for all parties involved.
  • Selling or buying characters or boosting services for real money, in-game currencies (including valuable items), or donation tokens is strictly forbidden.
  • HC mode characters are not permitted to get assistance from players outside of their group. (No boosting HC mode players, even for free.)
  • GDKP raids, where groups auction bind-on-pickup or bind-on-equip items for in-game currency, are permitted. However, no such groups may be formed or attended to trade drops for real money
  • Selling or promoting the sale of character names for gold or real money is also strictly prohibited. Any accounts caught engaging in this activity will be suspended, and any reserved names will be made available for use.
  • Sharing access to your account with others is allowed, as long as it is not used to scam or deceive other members of the community. However, you are responsible for any rule violations that occur while others are using your account. We will not reverse any character changes caused by others while using your account.

Chat Abuse, Advertisement and Other Promotional Activities

While GrimBatol encourages all players to engage in open conversations and keep up the vibrant community spirit, there are a few guidelines to ensure the public chat channels remain a safe and friendly environment for all players. It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Discuss politics, religions, or any other socially controversial or vulgar/sexual matters. 
  • Encourage racism, extremism, sexism, violence, doxxing, hate speech of any kind toward certain groups of people.
  • Insult players, group of players (such as guild) or staff members of GrimBatol.
  • Promote phishing websites, cheats, inappropriate links to the website containing explicit content.

In addition, any form of promotion, discussion, or endorsement of other private servers of a similar nature to GrimBatol is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing server names, links, or any information that encourages or directs players to join alternative private servers.

Conflicts that occur in private chats, including whispers, guild chats, groups, raids or custom channels are not monitored actively by GMs, all players of GrimBatol are reminded to treat each other with respect in any form of chat. However, there are certain cases where intervention and actions could be taken:

  • Sexual harassment or any form of general harassment, such as continuing messaging by creating new characters after being put on ignore list
  • Privacy violation, including but not limited to spreading personal information or images in chats.
  • Inappropriate promotions and links to phishing websites, cheats, inappropriate links to the website.


Multiboxing is the act of controlling multiple WoW clients simultaneously. This can entail having multiple clients open on a single machine or utilizing multiple machines to control the actions of both accounts at the same time for combat or moving. At GrimBatol, we permit the use of a maximum of two accounts at a time, with the following exceptions:

  • It is strictly forbidden to multibox if either of your characters is undergoing a Hardcore challenge.
  • It is strictly forbidden to multibox if either of your characters is flagged for PvP, including Warmode.
  • Three accounts are permitted for the use of Summoning Rituals.

The use of software to multibox is not permitted.

Hardcore characters found in breach of the boosting/multi-boxing policies may be subject to a character lock, rendering them unplayable for the offending player.

Interactions with Staff Members

GrimBatol staff is expected to interact with all players in a respectful, professional, and kind manner. We hold our players to the same standard. Any instances of toxicity, disrespect or insults directed towards a staff member may result in account warnings, suspensions, or closures. 

Requesting Support and Reporting Violations

Behavior reports will be done in private with as much details as possible.

  • For chat abuse: Open an in game ticket with character names, date, hour, and chat channel in which the conversation happened.
  • For other types of reports: Open an in game ticket and describe the players behavior with as much details as possible.

Reports without details that are done with the intent to slander, insult or start drama will be severely punished. The GMs will review the report, open an investigation and act accordingly to the situation.

This list of rules and guidelines is by no means exhaustive, all players are encouraged to always act in good faith and respect each other in our gaming community. GrimBatol reserves the right to modify or add to the list in future.