Pre Tier Change List

We’ve made significant updates to enhance the classic World of Warcraft experience based on the WotLK server.

  1. Revised player character attributes including health, damage, and mana costs.
  2. Reverted item stacking limits to original (vanilla) settings.
  3. Eliminated class trainer access to certain quest reward skills.
  4. Modified creature attributes and loot drops to align with vanilla standards.
  5. Restored original (vanilla) dungeon attunement requirements.
  6. Standardized zones and dungeons to their vanilla configurations.
  7. Aligned item statistics with vanilla version benchmarks.
  8. Updated Mount skill prerequisites (lv40, lv60) to match vanilla requirements.
  9. Reinstated vanilla items removed in subsequent patches.
  10. Excluded heirloom items from the game.
  11. Realigned professions with vanilla version specifications.
  12. Calibrated quest experience points (XP) to vanilla levels.